East West Kids (5-10)

About East West Kids: Imagine what the world would be like if every child in every family had a personal relationship with the Lord. At East West Church, not only have we imagined, we have developed the East West Kids ministry to ensure that such a relationship flourishes. If you have a child who is ages 5 – 10, then they can join us every Sunday for a time of excitement, creativity, life changing, and most importantly, fun!

At East West Church, there are two opportunities for your children to make new friends, while being empowered by the Word of God. At the 9:30am class, all the children from K to 5th grades meet in the Main Buidling, Northside East. This curriculum includes learning the books of the Bible. At the 11:00am class, the children gather together in the Famiy Life Center. The program for this service utilizes a DVD to share our Big Idea and Memory verse for the day, in conjunction with Abeka Flash cards to share stories from the Bible with our kids each week. During the East West Kids 11:00am class we have a Big Idea Box with an Objective lesson to go with our Bible story and each class ends with a game reinforce again our Big Idea of the day.

Whether your children join East West Kids ministry during the 9:30am class or the 11:00am class, the East West Church can ensure your child will be given the age appropriate materials to help in developing their relationship with God as they continue to learn about and love Him.