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Gaining Momentum

Are you tired of moving, but not getting anywhere? Then it's time to stop wasting your life in friction and discover the abundant Force for change in your life . .. Time to Gain Momentum!

Momentum is defined as: an impelling force or strength; a measure of the motion of a body equal to the product of its mass and velocity.

Although momentum is a driving power, it remains constant unless acted upon by an outside force. To generate momentum, we need to be willing to move fast, to create speed velocity. And that requires a willingness to change. This is when we must have the Spirit of the Lord.

In Zechariah 4:6 it states "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord"

The easiest way for me to explain how momentum works, is to take you back years ago. If your car battery didn't have enough voltage to turn over the engine, you would push it as fast as you could until when you engaged the clutch, it could move on it's own. That is how momentum works. You have what it takes to move forward, but you require an outside force to create the driving power.

On the first Wednesday of each month we have our "Momentum" Service. This service is designed to bring you closer to that driving force in your life. Unlike other services, we are focused on one thing . . . keeping our lives moved by the Spirit of God.