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Why Are Churches Closed on Christmas?

Yes, we will be having our regular 10:15am Worship Service on Christmas Day. However, it seems this year, more than any other, people are asking the question "why are churches closed on Christmas?"

Over the last several days, my wife and I have received numerous emails, text and private messages asking if our church would be having a Christmas Day service. With a quick internet search, we found many of the churches in our area have chosen to cancel their worship services because Christmas falls on a Sunday.

One article quotes Fuller Theological Seminary professor Robert K. Johnston who worries that another Christmas tradition is fading: “What’s going on here is a redefinition of Christmas as a time of family celebration rather than as a time of the community [faithfully] celebrating the birth of the Savior.”

Some who are quick to criticize churches for not being open on Christmas day, are often the ones who have no intention of being in the nursery or children’s department to watch someone else’s child. All churches, including our own, require a large volunteer base. Unfortunately, when Christmas falls on a Sunday, some churches simply cannot meet this demand.

As a Pastor, I’m proud that our church has so many dedicated people, we will be able to open our doors to worship on Christmas Day. Remember the most important part is to keep Christ in Christmas; keeping His birth, His love, His sacrifice at the center of our hearts and lives every day of the year.

Pastor H. Alan Mushegan, Sr.