What to Expect

Our Culture ~ Pastor H. Alan Mushegan and East West Church does not believe that a church should be isolated to just one culture, rather it should be able to cross cultural boundaries and bring different cultures together to represent the love of God. When you walk through the doors at East West Church, you are not walking through the doors of your customary Sunday morning church, but rather a place that is filled with the energy of people whose primary goal is to represent the love of God. We are a thriving multi-cultural church community and regardless of your cultural background, we welcome you to join our East West Church family.

Our Parking ~
The East West Church parking team are a courteous and astounding parking team that will make you feel at home the moment you pull into our parking lot by providing you with friendly and efficient directions.

Our Greeters ~ As you walk through the doors at East West Church, our greeters are in place to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in finding whatever you may need before, during and after the worship service.

Our Children ~ If you have children, East West Church encourages you to take advantage of our Children’s Ministries, which are broken up into three different stages of life:Lil’ Mights (Infants), Critter Land (Ages 3-4), and East West Kids (Ages 5-11).No matter where your little one is in their stage of life, East West Church is able to provide safe and secure children’s services designed just for them.

Our Teens ~ East West Church has an extraordinary ministry in place for all of our Junior High School and High School aged students. Our Student Ministry offers the perfect environment for your teen to connect with others their own age, providing energetic teen-related messages, which are designed to help them grow and focus in their lifelong relationship with Jesus.

Our Music ~ East West Church believes in the power of music. We believe it speaks to the heart and soul, and that it is a critical component when preparing the heart and soul to receive the message God has in store for you. This is why, here at East West Church, our style of music is upbeat, uplifting, soul-reaching, and varies from week to week in an effort to deeply touch the hearts and souls of all cultures who gather to worship with us.

Our Meaning ~ The primary goal for us at East West Church is to teach the Word of God in order to help you develop your own personal relationship with Him. We want you to walk away from our weekly services with a message you can apply directly and immediately to your daily life, your family values, personal friendships, and work relationships. Please come join us and allow us the opportunity to show you that we do not just talk-the-talk, but walk-the-walk. We GIVE | ACT | SERVE | INSPIRE®