Women of EWC

At East West Church, our mission for the Women’s Ministry is to offer women, from early blossom to the seasoned bloom, an opportunity to grow and develop into women of God.  We strive to encourage our East West Women to become enthusiastic in their pursuit of God and His destined plan for them and their lives.

Promoting a safe and secure environment for women to develop their individual gifts and talents through service to God is important to us here at East West Church.  It is our hope for the Women’s Ministry to encourage our East West Women to identify with the woman God sees and in doing so, they are able to develop wholesome, nourishing and strong relationships with their family, friends, and others in the Body of Christ.

Throughout the year, East West Church offers different events where our East West Women are encouraged to come out and have a heart-to-heart with one another to provide the emotional and mental support that only other women can give.  During these chats, women are optimistic and eager to share with one another what it means to be a woman of God.